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$6.95/9.55Shrimp lo Mein
$6.95/9.55Pork Chow Mein
$6.95/9.55Vegetable Lo Mein
$6.95/9.55Kun Pao Tofu
$6.95/9.55Kun Pao Mixed Veg.
$6.95/9.55Mixed Veg. w / Tofu
$6.95/9.55Sauteed Mixed Veg.
$6.95/9.55Cashew Shrimp
$6.95/9.55Kun Pao Shrimp
$6.95/9.55Mongolian Beef
$6.95/9.55Cashew Beef
$6.95/9.55Kun Pao Beef
$6.95/9.55Beef w / Broccoli

$6.95/9.55Chicken Lo Mein
$6.95/9.55Szechuan Chicken
$6.95/9.55Orange Chicken
$6.95/9.55Mongolian Chicken
$6.95/9.55Lemon Chicken
$6.95/9.55Sesame Chicken
$6.95/9.55Sweet & Sour Chicken
$6.95/9.55Cashew Chicken
$6.95/9.55Chicken w / Broccoli
$6.95/9.55Kun Pao Chicken
$6.95/9.55Pon Pon Chicken
$6.95/9.55General Tso’s Chicken
$6.95/9.55Pork w / Mixed Veg.
$6.95/9.55Sweet & Sour Pork

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an Famous Foods is a small chain of restaurants located in Eagle Mountain,Salt Lake City.An authentic Chinese-taiwanese style Cuisine from Taiwan. Serving one of the best Chinese food,will delight any diner with our fine cuisine, our elegant atmosphere, and our quality of service. We offer our full menu, with our delicious entress and appetizers, for you to preview before your visit.highly recommended